Thank you for visiting this site to find out what Franklin Insurance Solutions LLC has to offer and why we exist. 

We offer peace of mind and financial protection. The way we do this is by providing financial products that are accessible to small businesses, nonprofits and associations that support small business owners or independent contractors..

My Story

As the Founder and CEO of Franklin Insurance Solutions LLC I am an advocate for everyone having access to employee benefits. This all began with my personal story.


At the age of 28 I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that disrupted my career goals, lifestyle and well-being. My two-income household went down to one income for over 11 years due to health complications. And on top that, we added more expenses due to healthcare costs to keep me here for my family, especially my 3 children.

So, I know the benefits of having great health coverage, particularly the days before high deductibles. I know the pain and uncertainty of not having other vital coverage in place such as disability insurance that would have allowed a portion of my income to continue or life insurance to make sure that the dreams I had for my children could be fulfilled in the event of my absence. 


That's my WHY. Providing PEOPLE with PROTECTION to prevent finanancial loss due to illness or injury..