Associations have the power to provide many benefits including networking, training events, information on industry trends as well as discounts on items like insurance, office products, training, and conferences to its members.

Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) Plans

Franklin Insurance Solutions LLC MEC Plans are built to affordably serve the needs of your membership. MEC plans are lower-cost health benefit options that provide access to preventive and wellness care benefits. With several levels to choose from you can pick the right one for your group. 

MEC Plans

Benefits of our MEC Plans:

  • Low minimum participation

  • No underwriting

  • Multiple plan designs and price points

  • No deductibles to meet

  • Identical plan coverage in all 50 states

  • Preventative care covered at 100%

  • Copay plan options with unlimited visits

  • Easy member enrollment

Plan Enhancements:

  • Telemedicine

  • Primary care visits

  • Specialist care visits

  • Urgent care visits

  • Laboratory and x-ray services

  • Generic and brand prescription coverage

  • Hospital indemnity plan available