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One Destination.
Endless Protection.

Safeguarding health, business, credentials, contracts and finances with essential insurance and services for motivated people.

Yes, it's complimentary!

Offering Peace of mind through access to essential insurance and services to prevent financial loss.

Personal Tailored Protection

From ensuring your well-being to protecting your financial future.

Yes, it's complimentary!

Fortifying Your Business

Securing essential insurance to prevent business interruption or prevent going out of business.

Yes, it's complimentary!

Insurance Solutions Beyond the Ordinary

Providing exceptional service beyond expectations, all at no additional expense to you  ~ FREE!

One-on-One Consultations

Always Complimentary

Loss Run Reports

Quick 2-3 day turnaround time

Cyber Risk Assessment

Detailed 20 page report on your domain risks

Bond Prequalification Letter

Quick Process

Who's Your Broker?

Sabrina V Franklin

"There are 3 things in life you can't control:

People, Time and Life's Risks"

Sabrina V Franklin

Providing Equity through affordable access to services for disavantaged communities.

Image by Joice Kelly
What's worse than dealing with depression or mental health issues?
Not having access to affordable therapy. 
Our Solution
New Benefits

Telemedicine ($0 Visit Fee)

Teladoc Behavioral Health

Doctors Online

Counseling Services

Financial Wellness

Caregiver Support

Fertility Advocacy

And more...

Individuals or Family
OptiMed Virtual Primary Care

Virtual Primary Care

Virtual Urgent Care

Virtual Talk Therapy

Virtual Teen Therapy (ages 10-17)

Virtual Psychiatry

Annual Exam with Lab

Medications can be Prescribed

Healthcare Navigator

$102.99/month (Single)
$154.49/month (Family)
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