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Providing Affordable Benefits Employees
Need and Want.


Roughly 7 in 10 say that their employer has a responsibility to make sure their employees are mentally, physically, and financially well.

Employee Benefits Research Institute

Competitive edge for employers.
Peace of mind for employees.

Whether you are a small business or a nonprofit organization we know that health and wellness is vital to maintaining a productive team.

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Health Insurance

Our Solutions

  • 2+ lives to enroll

  • Husband / Wife group allowed 
  • Startup groups allowed

  • 1099 employees allowed

  • No industry exclusions

  • Management carve-outs allowed

  • Participation flexible

  • HSA & HRA plans available

  • National Networks - PPO, POS, EPO

  • FREE COBRA administration

  • FREE Section 125, Free CXC 1094 & 1095 reporting tool

  • Referenced Based pricing

  • Level-Funded plans

  • Refund of 50% or 100% regardless if group renews 

Voluntary Benefits

Today’s employees see real value in a flexible, competitive benefits plan especially as they face rising healthcare costs and limited budgets. Voluntary products are offered by the employer and paid by the employee at a group rate with easy administration. 

Voluntary products can provide financial protection by:​

▸ Helping cover personal expenses of a high-deductible healthcare plan

▸ Meeting everyday living expenses in case of an illness or accident

▸ Providing life insurance that can follow your employees into retirement


Dental / Vision

Dental and Vision are the most requested employee benefits. We offer budget friendly and easy to understand plans.

Hospital Indemnity

With our Hospital Indemnity plan employees receive cash benefits for hospital confinement payable directly to the employee.

Accident Insurance

Accident insurance helps employees seek the treatment needed to be on the mend from bumps, bruises and cometimes breaks.

Choose from:

24-hour and Off-the-job coverage

Group Disability

Disability insurance helps employees continue to pay normal living expenses along with additional expenses that have been created by an injury or illness.

Critical Illness Insurance

Our coverage helps provide financial support if an employee is diagnosed with a covered critical illness so they can focus on getting better. 

Group Life

We offer a full range of Term Life, Whole Life and Universal Life insurance to meet the needs of employees. Whole Life and Universal Life can also build cash value.

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