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Roughly 7 in 10 say that their employer has a responsibility to make sure their employees are mentally, physically, and financially well.

Employee Benefits Research Institute

Competitive edge for employers.
Peace of mind for employees.

Whether you are a small business or a nonprofit organization we know that health and wellness is vital to maintaining a productive team. There are many life factors that can cause your essential team members to be off their game such as health and financial concerns. 

Health Insurance

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Self-Funded Plans 

Specifially designed to provide affordable major medical health benefits without sacrificing quality coverage for your employees.

Medical Team

Minimum Essential Coverage

Originally designed to be an affordable way for small businesses to meet the ACA (Affordable Coverage Act) mandate. 

Voluntary Benefits

Today’s employees see real value in a flexible, competitive benefits plan especially as they face rising healthcare costs and limited budgets. Voluntary products are offered by the employer and paid by the employee at a group rate with easy administration. 

Voluntary products can provide financial protection by:​

▸ Helping cover personal expenses of a high-deductible healthcare plan

▸ Meeting everyday living expenses in case of an illness or accident

▸ Providing life insurance that can follow your employees into retirement


Accident Insurance

Today, active lifestyles in or out of the home may result in bumps, bruises and sometimes breaks. Accident insurance helps employees seek the treatment needed to be on the mend.

Choose from: 24-hour and Off-the-job coverage

Critical Illness Insurance

No one is ever really prepared for a life-altering critical illness diagnosis. Medical coverage may only cover some of the costs associated with treatment. Our coverage helps provide financial support if an employee is diagnosed with a covered critical illness so they can focus on getting better. 

Hospital Indemnity

Without any warning an illness or injury can lead to a hospital confinement and medical procedures and/or visits which may mean costly out-of-pocket expenses. With our Hospital Indemnity plan employees receive cash benefits for hospital confinement payable directly to the employee.

Group Disability Insurance

Disability insurance can help replace lost income and help ensure finances are not depleted when faced with a period of unexpected sickness or off-the-job injury.

Group Life Insurance

If your employees are like most people, they don't have enough life insurance to keep their families afloat if an unexpected death occurs. We offer coverage to help protect them from life's uncertainties: Whole Life Insurance, with guaranteed rates for the life of the policy and a guaranteed death benefit or Term Life Insurance, with the opportunity for a tax-free death benefit.

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