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Standing by individuals and families to help address life’s most challenging moments.


50% of US residents do not have employer sponsored health insurance.

Kaiser Family Foundation

Are you protected?

With the increasing cost of health insurance many individuals are forgoing coverage or choosing health insurance plans with high deductibles that are unaffordable to use. This may prevent detection of disease or delay treatment for injuries that could be managed if diagnosed or treated early. This can impact an individuals physical and mental health, career, lifestyle and finances.

Franklin Insurance Solutions LLC provides access to affordable health insurance and protection through supplemental insurance that can support individuals financially when they a dealing with a medical crisis.


Health Insurance

Friendly Young Doctor

ACA / Marketplace

Health Insurance


  • No pre-existing limitations

  • Affordable premiums through subsidies 

  • Major Medical Plans


  • Expensive without subsidies

  • Some plans carry high deductibles

Medical Tablet

Minimum Essential Coverage


  • No pre-existing limitations

  • Affordable premiums

  • No deductibles

  • Meets ACA Requirements


  • Not a Major Medical Plan

Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental health insurance will stand by you through life’s most pressing challenges, including unplanned medical events, high deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses that major medical insurance does not cover, and preemptive coverage based on family health history.

Out-of-Pocket Protection 

Payments paid directly to you for:

Hospital admission benefit

Daily hospital confinement benefit

No deductibles

No Network

Affordable Choice Plan


Inpatient benefits.
Hospital admission benefit.
Surgery benefits.
Doctor’s office visit.
Outpatient medical benefits.
Emergency or urgent care.
Cancer benefit.
Prescription benefit.

Central Choice


Hospital admission benefit

Hospital confinement benefit

Surgical benefit

Intensive Care benefit

Accident Indemnity Plan

Personal Accident Indemnity Delivery (PAID) coverage provides benefits for many of the accidents that can happen without warning.

Heart Attack-Stroke-Cancer Plan

Heart Attack & Stroke and/or Cancer policies offers customizable coverage up to $75,000. Choose Heart & Stroke only, Cancer only coverage or a combination of both.

Cancer Care Plus

Cancer plus coverage provides an important safety net in fighting the financial consequences of cancer or other dreaded disease such as Multiple sclerosis (MS).

Cancer 1st Occurence Plan

Coverage pays you a cash benefit to help with the costs associated with treatments, to pay for daily living expenses – and more importantly – to empower you to seek the care you need.

Critical Protection & Recovery Plan

Cash benefits are paid to sustain you financially while recovering from an unexpected critical illness such as heart attack, paralysis, end-stage renal failure and more.

Discount Dental/Vision

Our dental and vision discount plan leaves the choice of dentist or doctor in your hands with guaranteed issue and no waiting period.

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