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Psychotherapy Session

Providing Access
to Affordable
Mental Health

According to Forbes Texas is Rank #1 as Worst State for Mental Health

Franklin Insurance Solutions LLC is advocating for
affordable Mental Health solutions.

Serene Gradient

Giving You

Teladoc Mental Health

  • Confidential virtual access to licensed therapists

  • Adolescent therapy available for ages 13-17, excluding psychiatry

  • $0 copay per visit

  • Services available to immediate family

  • Appointments available from 7am - 9pm

  • Available 7 days a week

Counseling Services

  • Call 24/7 for an assessment

  • Sessions typically available in 3 days

  • $0 copay per session

  • Schedule up to six free phone sessions 

  • Can be used for group sessions

Doctors Online

  • Enjoy 24/7 email access

  • Board certified doctors, pharmacists, psychologists, dentists, dieticians

  • $0 copay per session

  • Responses within a few hours

  • Unlimited, confidential services include your immediate family

Ultimate Benefit Cost

$40 per month 
Individual or Family

Additional Plan Choice
MeMD Virtual Plan

$102.99 per month Individual
$154.49 per month Family

Serene Gradient

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